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Teach Me Bass Guitar (TMBG) is the world's most comprehensive, self-paced, non-subscription A-Z bass guitar education. TMBG gives you the freedom to download or stream lessons so you can  learn on your own time, at your own pace, in your own place, within your budget. And what you learn applies to any style of music, any number of strings, and whether you're right or left-handed. With TeachMeBassGuitar, you pay once, play forever! ONLY $79.95 for the full digital course. Are you really ready to learn?
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"If you're really ready to learn bass guitar, join 1000s of others who have gotten their chops with Roy Vogt's multiple award-winning Teach Me Bass Guitar. I'm Ashley. Let me tell you all about it."
HINT: You'll want to stop the music, first!"
Introduction to Teach Me Bass Guitar Course


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Each of the twenty lessons in TMBG is about an hour long, and take - on average - a month to master. Lessons 1-6 are for Beginners, 7-13 for Intermediate players, and 14-20 for Advanced bassists. Want the specifics?
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Roy Vogt has held the bass professor chair at prestigious Belmont University (Nashville, TN) for over 30 years, and his students now tour and record with Trisha Yearwood, Faith Hill, Little Texas, Michael W. Smith, Lady Antebellum, Chick Corea, Sir Tom Jones, and countless others.


Just one of the many outstanding elements Roy Vogt's multiple award-winning TMBG is the one-of-a-kind animated fretboard. You'll always know exactly what notes Roy is playing, without his fingers getting in the way, and you'll know what notes they are! Like all the graphic elements of TMBG, they're top quality; no trying to decipher dubious handwriting scribbled on white boards, everything is crystal clear so you can spend your time learning, not guessing.
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For beginners, here's a sample of what you'll find in the earlier lessons, as Roy takes you step-by-step from getting to know your bass, to playing your first song. HINT: If the music is playing now, you'll want to stop it before proceeding!"


The following testimonials represent a small sampling of the spontaneous reactions of actual customers to TMBG bass guitar lessons. None were solicited. All are 100% real, and 100% unedited. If you would like us to use your testimonial, please be advised that we only print reviews by customers who will permit us to post their full name, country, and city of residence. Note: Individual results will vary.

“Thanks for a great course! I can’t believe that I’m finally actually starting to learn how to play an instrument! It’s great fun!”Stefan Sahlander, Tampere, Finland

"TMBG is very user-friendly. I've tried many bass lessons, but none compare to TMBG. I look forward to many years of enjoyment as I continue to improve on my bass skills. Thanks Roy!"
Dan Shantler, North Tonawanda, NY, U.S.A.

“I just wanted to say how brilliant (Teach Me Bass Guitar) is. I’d love to say thank you to Roy Vogt personally, but maybe you can let him know how much I appreciate the course material."
Chris Denslow, Aberdeen, Scotland, U.K.


“Hey Brie, thanks again for your help! To be honest, the best service I ever experienced online. If you want me to give you a rating somewhere or leave a testimonial, just let me know!”
Tobias Keller, Mannheim, Germany


“You won’t go wrong with purchasing TMBG. TMBG and Thunder Row just keep getting better and better! And customer service is one in a million. Thanks for all you do for us!”
Thomas Chilcote, Lancaster, OH, U.S.A.


TMBG is packed with special features, designed by Roy and our staff of professional educators, to make learning easy, no matter how you learn. Here are just a few of the features that make TMBG stand out, so you can be an outstanding bassist!

Play-Along with the TMBG Band!

Fast, slow, with or without Roy

Once you've learned, then you can take your place with the amazing TMBG Band of Nashville studio pros.

Easy-Access Menus

You'll always know where you are

One menu takes you to the Lesson, the other, to the Segment. Easy!

Extensive Loop Library

So you can play it 'til it's right!

Each lesson contain the option to loop a segment as often as you like.

All Original Music

REAL music for REAL bassists

Roy's written original music to illustrate the principles of each lesson

Play-Along with a Singer!

This is where it gets real

When you think you're ready, Nashville session star Jonell Mosser will put you through your  paces

Styles of Music

The fundamentals are the same!

No matter what type - genre - of music you prefer, you'll learn all you need to know to with TMBG

Number of Strings

4? 5? 7? 12!? It makes no difference!

Once you master four strings, the same rules apply to basses with any number of strings.

Animated Sheet Music

Want to learn to read music?

With TMBG, you have the option! Each lesson has its own original music, onscreen in real time!

Four-Color Course Book

162-page, highly illustrated

The .pdf TMBG course book comes FREE with your purchase. It's also available, optionally, in print.
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For intermediate players, here's a sample from a mid-point in the TMBG course. By Lesson 14 - if you've really got everything Roy's taught you under your fingers, you're about to transition from a wanna-be, to a bone fide bassist! HINT: If the music is playing now, you'll want to stop it before proceeding!"


"Students can expect to finish TMBG with a solid command of techniques, grooves, bass history, and reading."
Bass Player Magazine

"TMBG is, hands-down, the most comprehensive bass instructional course I've come across!" Professional bass instructor Evan Gregor

"TMBG is the Ultimate Series for the learning bassist. A definite must-buy.

Bass Musician Magazine

"TMBG is a comprehensive course: ideal for the beginner and intermediate player."

Bass Guitar Magazine - U.K.


"Teach Me Bass Guitar is exceptional; an all-out venture into the fabulous world of learning bass.

Bass Frontiers Magazine


"TMBG is the definitive A to Z bass guitar course."

Online Lesson Reviews


"Wow! Roy Vogt's Teach Me Bass Guitar is, without a doubt, the most thorough stand-alone instructional course I've ever seen!"
For Bass Players Only


"TMBG is one place where you can acquire the tools you need to become a great bass player!"

Cyberfret Bass

"I’ve played bass guitar for more than 40 years, and I’m still learning from Roy!"

Blues bass legend Lane Baldwin


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Full Course of 20 Lessons available to download & stream. $80.00
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Don't need the whole course? Pick the bundle - Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced - that best suits your needs. Download & Streaming. Only $30.00!
Want 1 lesson at-a-time? Cherry pick the one(s) you want. Available for download & streaming. ONLY $5.00 PER LESSON!
Purchse Options
Note: A .pdf version of the companion 4-color book is included free with your purchase of a TMBG course. However, if you prefer the printed version - in Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced editions, they're only $20.00 each, or $50.00 for all 3! 
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