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Tailor TMBG to Your Time, Your Place, Your Pace! 

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FINALLY! You can now download and stream the Complete TMBG course (20 lessons);

or in a bundle for Beginner (Lessons 1-6), Intermediate (Lessons 7-13), or Advanced (Lessons 14-20); or one Lesson at a time! Of course, the more lessons you purchase at once,

the less each lesson costs*.


You can download and view your TMBG lessons anytime, anywhere, online or offline, via MacOS, Windows, Apple IOS, Android, and Amazon Fire Tablets.



You can stream your TMBG lessons anytime, anywhere, as long as you have a good Internet connection via MacOS, Windows, Apple IOS, Android, Amazon Fire Tablets, Smart TV, Playstation, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Roku.

Please note: TMBG is a huge course, so the digital files are large. If your device has limited storage, such as a tablet or Android device, you will probably not be able to download all the lessons to the device. We suggest you download one at a time and, when you've mastered it, delete it and download the next. There is no time limit for you to download the lessons, so you won't lose any, and should you need to refer to an earlier lesson, you can either stream it or download it again. All lessons will always be yours, to download as you choose, when you choose.


NOTE: Customers who already own the TMBG DVD set will be able to purchase the download/stream version at a huge discount. Contact Barbara at for details!



When you purchase a TMBG digital product, you will receive two e-mails from The Learning Dock, LLC. One is a receipt, the other with instructions on how to access your purchase and begin building your personal TMBG library.  You'll need to download the Purple Platform software from the link in the email - or the address below - to your Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android tablet or phone, in order to play your TMBG lessons. You can enjoy TMBG on multiple devices and can download this software to any of these devices at any time. Once downloaded, login with the Platform Purple user name/password, included in your confirmation e-mail, to access your TMBG lessons.


You can download or stream your TMBG lessons - or both! Once you’ve downloaded a TMBG lesson to your computer, it automatically defaults to the download version. However, you can always stream your lessons by going to your personal TMBG Store:


To order additional lessons, simply choose "Add to Library", and you'll be sent to the TMBG website order page. It's that simple!


Support for your Digital TMBG Product

Platform Purple is responsible for all technical issues regarding the performance of the streaming/download of this product.  You can always reach Platform Purple support if you have any questions/problems with your download:


The Learning Dock, LLC wants to make sure our customers are being taken care of, so if you have any unresolved issues with Platform Purple, please let us know, and we'll take care of it right away:

NOTE:  1.The purchase of Teach Me Bass Guitar in digital format is NOT refundable, unless there is a technical issue that Platform Purple, our digital delivery partner, cannot resolve. 2. As of now, there is no time limit for streaming. However, the parameters for this option are set by Platform Purple, our digital delivery partner. Platform Purple reserves the right to limit the number of months streaming will be available to a customer, in the event of changes that are, for now, unforeseen. So please make sure you download all of your purchases to your TMBG library. 3. The Loop Library is not presently functional in downloaded lessons.

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