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The Reviews are In!

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Nothing speaks to the quality of a product as well as reviews written by people who have purchased and used it. The customer reviews you will read here are unsolicited and, with the customer's permission, include the full name, city, and country of the reviewer. Check out what they have to say about their Teach Me Bass Guitar experience!

Publishing professionals are innundated with products and services seeking their endorsement - and, truth be told, we innundated a few ourselves. We also sent them copies of TMBG to go through at their leisure. The reviews on this page are from the perspective of professionals who have seen 'em all.  Read on!

Teach Me Bass Guitar has been featured on Amazon since 2010, and, as you no doubt know if you've bought things on Amazon, customers tend to be free with their comments: both praise and criticism. Of course we have no control over what they say, but we're more than happy to suggest you check out their comments - the good and the bad - before you purchase your TMBG. Go ahead. We'll wait!

After over thirty years in Nashville, America's Music City and one of the epicenters of music in the world, Roy has met, worked with, and played with just about every noteworthy bassist on the planet. Here's what some of them have to say about Roy.

If your first question is 'Why Teach Me Bass Guitar?', here are the answers!

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