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Customer Reviews

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Thousands of people love TMBG.

Here are some of their unsolicited comments:

Best online bass guitar lessons

The following testimonials represent a small sampling of the spontaneous reactions of actual customers to TMBG bass guitar lessons. None were solicited. All are 100% real, and 100% unedited. If you would like us to use your testimonial, please be advised that we only print reviews by customers who will permit us to post their full name, country, and city of residence. Note: Individual results will vary.

"TMBG is very user-friendly. I've tried many bass lessons, but none compare to TMBG. I look forward to many years of enjoyment as I continue to improve on my bass skills. Thanks Roy!"
Dan Shantler, North Tonawanda, NY, U.S.A.

“I just wanted to say how brilliant (Teach Me Bass Guitar) is. I’d love to say thank you to Roy Vogt personally, but maybe you can let him know how much I appreciate the course material."
Chris Denslow, Aberdeen, Scotland, U.K.


“Hey Brie, thanks again for your help! To be honest, the best service I ever experienced online. If you want me to give you a rating somewhere or leave a testimonial, just let me know!”
Tobias Keller, Mannheim, Germany


“You won’t go wrong with purchasing TMBG. TMBG and Thunder Row just keep getting better and better! And customer service is one in a million. Thanks for all you do for us!”
Thomas Chilcote, Lancaster, OH, U.S.A.


“Thanks for a great course! I can’t believe that I’m finally actually starting to learn how to play an instrument! It’s great fun!”
Stefan Dahlander, Tampere, Finland


“Roy does a great job of walking you through every aspect of learning bass guitar. There is even a band of great studio musicians to jam with at the end of each lesson!”
Tim “Smu” McCarthy, Eden Amps


“I’m on Lesson 6, and can’t believe how much I have improved. TMBG is fantastic!”
Scott Wallace, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


“Having someone like Roy to tie together all these concepts makes all the difference in the world. And TMBG is so much fun. I’m motivated to play more. Thanks again!”
Scott Green, Phoenix, AZ, U.S.A.


“I spend a lot of time on the road, playing professionally. I take my TMBG everywhere I go. No kidding! I swear by this thing. You can never know it all, and you should never stop trying!”
Rev. Russell K. Shores, New York, N.Y., U.S.A.


“I just wanted to write and say thanks for putting so much care into this course. TMBG exceeds expectations. I’m on Lesson 4 (and it) feels like a turning point in becoming a musician!”
Richard Falzone, M.D., Melrose, MA, U.S.A.


“TMBG is a great, self-paced learning tool. I’ve just watched through a couple of the lessons, and have already changed a bad habit I had. Well designed, well thought-out training.”
Rae Runge, Alberta, Canada


“I was skeptical about purchasing TMBG, but it’s a GREAT learning tool; easy to follow, and fun, too! PLEASE send me some salt; it’ll make it easier to eat my hat!”
Phillip LaFond, Slidell, LA, U.S.A.


“The first thing I noticed was that TMBG looks very professional. It is well thought-out and Roy is an excellent teacher. He makes even the advanced stuff easy to understand.”
Mike Hopper, Madison, IN, U.S.A.


“You just don’t get this quality of tuition anywhere else that I’m aware of. To be able to sit at home and learn and play with someone of Roy’s talent and ability is incredible.”

Michael Toomey, Sydney, Australia


“I’m very impressed with the production values, and very pleased with Roy’s teaching style; it’s very helpful to have things broken down into bite-sized pieces that build on one another.”

Les Cline, Sunnyvale, CA, U.S.A.


“I highly recommend TMBG. I went from never playing a stringed instrument to being able to effortlessly sight-read. The value you get for your buck is HUGE! Thanks for this superior product.”

Kevin DeLano, Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S.A.


“This goes way beyond other bass methods and tutorials on the market. TMBG gets it right and is well worth the investment. Kudos to Roy Vogt and the folks at The Learning Dock!”

Johnny Jones, Santa Monica, CA, U.S.A.


“I’m learning more, faster, with TMBG than with my private instructor. It’s the most cost-effective way I know of to learn to play the bass guitar, and I get to jam with a real band after each lesson!”

John Bachelor, Hillard, OH, U.S.A.


“Thank you, Learning Dock, for putting together a wonderful course. I am only on Lesson 7 and I’m really enjoying the challenge, Roy’s instruction, and playing with the TMBG Band!”

Jim Morin, Chandler, AZ, U.S.A.


“Without hyperbole, this is the best learning tool I’ve ever seen. Better than my own instructor! I have made tremendous progress with the lessons. Dynamite product!”

James P. Jones, Abbeville, S.C., U.S.A.


“Not only is your product the best teaching tool I’ve ever seen (better than my own bass teacher), your customer service is outstanding! I will continue to sing your praises to everyone I know. Thank you!!!”
James Howard, Elverta, CA, U.S.A.


“Everything you people do is first class. I really appreciate that.”
Duane Hamilton, Wentzville, MO, U.S.A.


“Just wanted to let you know I am totally BLOWN AWAY! TMBG is awesome in every respect, especially the on-screen fretboard. Absolutely brilliant self-paced bass course!”
Derrick Williams, Western Cape, South Africa


“Thank you for everything. I got the course. I love it and I’m jamming’ big time already! Just signed on to and I love it. Astounding course, period.”
David de Jesus, Carney Point, NJ, U.S.A.


“I consider Teach Me Bass Guitar to be a critical tool in my endeavor to learn to play bass guitar. I highly recommend TMBG. Buy it! You won’t regret it.”
Dave Brown, Charlottesville, VA, U.S.A.


“Please tell Roy, Ashley, Ralph, and the TMBG Band ‘thank you!’ One thing for sure, by the end of all the lessons, I’ll be a good bass player!”
Cosme Solid, Midwest City, OK, U.S.A.


“I wanted to let you know TMBG has had a positive impact on my life. Six months after I started the course, I auditioned for a band and got the gig! (A well-paying gig, I might add!) Thanks, TMBG!”

Brian van Winkle, Moline, IL, U.S.A.


“Roy Vogt’s Teach Me Bass Guitar is AWESOME! Just what I’ve been looking for. I can learn at my own pace and repeat the lessons until I have them down pat. Thank you!”

Bob Proudy, Newalla, OK, U.S.A.“


I’ve played in a band for years, but had not idea what I was doing! I’m glad to have started TMBG; just the first two lessons have opened my eyes quite a lot, and I feel really motivated to keep going.”

B. Neeraj, Kristiansand, Norway


“I love TMBG. It’s put together in such a way that you can benefit from it regardless of your level of expertise. Roy, you’re definitely a gifted musician, but you’re also a gifted teacher.”

Anita D. Morris, Alpena, AR, U.S.A.

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