“I spend a lot of time on the road, playing professionally. I take my TMBG everywhere I go. No kidding! I swear by this course. You can never know it all, and you should never stop learning!”

Rev. Russell K. Shores, New York, N.Y., U.S.A.

"TMBG is a comprehensive course: ideal for the beginner and intermediate player."
Bass Guitar Magazine, U.K.
   For many years, it was not feasible to deliver TMBG via download or streaming, it was simply too big. 
   Now, though, technology is finally able to meet that capacity, rendering the DVD set obsolete. 
   The content of TMBG digital is exactly the same as that of the classic DVD set. The same videos, the same real-time onscreen animations, the same all-original music, the same Play-Along segments with the amazing TMBG Band of Nashville studio musicians,
   But TMBG digital gives you something the DVD set didn't, the ability to download or stream one lesson at a time, so you can practice wherever you are, on any device, whenever you want.
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Full Course of 20 Lessons available to download & stream only $79.95.
For a brief video overview of each lesson, click on the icons below.
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"TMBG is very user-friendly. I've tried many bass lessons, but none compare to TMBG. I look forward to many years of enjoyment as I continue to improve on my bass skills. Thanks Roy!" Dan Shantler, North Tonawanda, NY, U.S.A.

"Teach Me Bass Guitar is exceptional; an all-out venture into the fabulous world  of learning bass!"

Bass Frontiers Magazine

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Don't need the whole course? Pick the bundle - Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced - that best suits your needs. Download & Streaming. Each $29.95!
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"I ordered TMBG after trying 3 other courses. This is by far the best I have seen. The instructions are easy to follow and the amount of information crammed into each lesson is amazing."
Amazon Certified Customer
  Why buy the whole course if you don't need it? Maybe you're just curious about the bass and want to see if it's right for you. Just buy the Beginner Bundle & find out.
   Been playing for a while and don't need to go over the basics, but not quite ready for the leap to the big league? The Intermediate Bundle has just the right amount of challenge to keep you growing!
   You already know everything that's covered in the Beginner and Intermediate Lessons? Then jump into the deep end with the Advanced Bundle.
   In any case, you'll get just what you need to match your learn-ing level - and not spend any more than you absolutely have to!
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"Roy is a great teacher. Learn from this man!"

Legendary Jazz Bassist

Bryan Bromberg

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With this option, you can test drive and cherry pick to your heart's content - one lesson at-a-time, without breaking the bank. So, whether you're just picking up the bass for the first time, or you've been playing for years, and simply want to plug a few holes in your skill-set, you just buy the lessons that apply. ONLY $5.95 per lesson! 

"Roy is a great teacher. Learn from this man!"

Bassist Bryan Bromberg

TMBG's companion .pdf book is included free with your full purchase of TMBG, but if you prefer the printed version - in Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced editions, they're only $19.95 each, or $47.88 for all 3! 
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TMBG Beginner Cover A.png
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only $19.95

only $19.95

only $19.95

only $47.88