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8. What's the difference between TMBG and subscription services?
Glad you asked! First of all, whether you download or stream TMBG, you own it. So, let's say you sign up for a year with the leading subscription service at $19.95 a month. At the end of the year, you will have paid $239.40. What do you own? Nothing. What can you access without renewing your subscription? Nothing. Will you have received a comprehensive course of training designed by a University instructor with a Master's Degree in Bass Guitar? No. And at the end of 24 months - the average time it takes to complete TMBG - you will have spent nearly $500.00 for . . . something you don't own.  On the other hand, $79.95 will have bought you the full TMBG course - a comprehensive education in bass guitar - that is yours to keep forever, refer to whenever, access wherever, and renew NEVER! Still want to compare? Please be our guest. Select from the options below.

Frequently Asked Questions:


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1. What sets TMBG apart from other options?


Apart from features like the animated onscreen fretboard, scrolling music scores, 100s of tracks of original music, 162-page 4-color .pdf course book, and the opportunity, at the end of most lessons, to sit in with a band of Nashville A-list studio musicians, Teach Me Bass Guitar is a complete, A-Z, college-level course in bass guitar designed to guide students from the most basic rudiments to mastery of the instrument. Most online instruction consists of one-song or one-riff at-a-time mini-lessons, which is fine if all you want is to sound like somebody else or impress your friends at a party. But if you want a comprehensive education in bass guitar that will equip you to take your place on any stage in the world, TMBG is really the only choice.

2. What devices is TMBG compatible with?


Your Teach Me Bass Guitar digital is compatible for download or streaming with virtually any digital content delivery device, from your desktop or laptop, to your favorite tablet or phone. (Not your microwave yet, but we're working on it!)

3. Do I need to be connected to the Internet?


To stream, yes. But when you download TMBG, a special library is created on your device, and you can view your lessons at any time, anywhere in the world - NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED!

4. Why only one instructor?


When Lois was in trouble and help arrived, did she say "Only Superman?"

You've heard the phrase "too many cooks spoil the broth"? Well, too many instructors can spoil the bassist. Imagine you're a baseball pitcher, and you have twenty different instructors telling you forty different ways to throw the ball! Your game would be a mess! While it may sound cool to have access to squared multiples of instructors, any real educator knows that continuity of instruction is the only way to develop your OWN unique voice, and that's what ensures long-term success.

5. Why Roy Vogt?


Because if there's a Superman in the world of bass instruction, it's TMBG instructor Roy Vogt: recognized throughout the bass-playing community as one of those rare individuals who is both an accomplished player and a teacher of the highest international standing. Roy received the first Master's Degree in Electric Bass ever awarded - from the University of Miami. Since 1983 he's been head of the Bass Department at Nashville's prestigious Belmont University.

Click here to learn more about Roy.

6. Why only 20 Lessons?



It's a perfectly fair question, though. The fact is, each TMBG Lesson is anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour and 20 minutes long. But each is an intensive workshop in its own right, with material that the average learner, with the average amount of practice time on their hands, will take 1-2 months to master. Twenty lessons. You do the math.

7. What about the course Book?


The TMBG Book is a 162-page, 4-color illustrated manual that is included as a .pdf file with your TMBG purchase. (Individual digital lessons purchased include the chapter for that lesson.) Each chapter of the book corresponds with a lesson in the video course and expands upon the instruction presented in that lesson. The Book is also optionally available three sections, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced for $19.95 ea. 10% discount on 2; 20% discount on 3.

10. What is The Learning Dock?


The Learning Dock, LLC - producers of Teach Me Bass Guitar - is a family business owned and operated by David and Barbara Crossman. While we're in business to make money, our first priority is to help you succeed, by providing you with instruction that is without equal. As a family business, you can count on us to be there when you need us. When you call, you'll get Barbara personally. She's there to help. And if she misses your call, please leave a message, and she will call you back!

11. How do I view the .pdf book if I have the Digital version?


Each chapter of the .pdf book is attached to its particular lesson. So, when you stream or download Lesson 1, you'll be able to open and view the .pdf for that chapter. You can print the pages from the .pdf, whether you stream or download.


If you've downloaded a lesson, you'll see the .pdf book button in the lower right hand corner of your Main Menu screen. If you're streaming the lesson, the .pdf button in at the bottom of the page, in the middle.

13. What is the Security Policy of The Learning Dock?


The Learning Dock, LLC (TLD) takes security seriously. Our shopping cart, UltraCart, is PCI LEVEL 1 Compliant.

Click here to read our Security Policy

14. How do I reset my password?

Please go to this link and enter in your email address: Then check your email for the reset link.

Other questions?


We've got answers, and we can't wait to hear from you! 386-693-1357 /

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