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"TMBG is exceptional: an all-out venture into the fabulous world of learning bass..."

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"(Even) the packaging for Roy Vogt's Teach Me Bass Guitar (TMBG) is exceptional, with ease of access to each DVD. There are a total of 10 DVD’s (covering 20 lessons), and a .pdf book is included on one of the DVD’s so that you can either view it on your computer, or print each lesson out individually. When ordering, there is also an option to order the book in print, for those that would like to do so. There is an included code so that you can register on Thunder Row, (the companion bass community website).

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Getting into the lessons, TMBG is suited for any range of expertise from absolute beginner to even some of the more advanced bassists out there. Starting with lesson 1, TMBG covers the names of the strings, hardware, tuning, picking styles, right-hand and left hand technique, fingerings, thumb position and pivot, using a metronome, warm-up exercise, learning the notes of the musical alphabet, sharps/flats, positions on the neck, and names of notes and where they are on the neck, and all the way through lesson 20, which covers 4,5,6, and 7 strings basses, eq, effects, and caring for your bass.


Each lesson also has an on-screen fingerboard displaying what Roy is playing during the lesson and the position of the neck he is playing on. After almost each lesson, there is a jam session with the band on what was covered in the lesson. Most of these are done with Roy playing the tune slowly at first, then it’s your turn playing with the band sans Roy. The tune is then done in the same method again, but at a faster speed. Everything concerning bass in between lesson 1 and 20 is covered in TMBG, this includes, learning notes in different positions, note types (quarter, eighth, etc) scales, triads, blues, swing, shuffles, jazz concepts, soloing, funk, slap, chords, tapping, warm-up exercise, cool-down exercises and much more. Lesson 16 through lesson 19 is where the working pro toolkit comes into play. The working pro toolkit covers sight-reading, standard progressions, Nashville number system, and world music, among quite a few other things that are definitely necessary for the working pro bassist.


Another nice feature of TMBG is the loop library. Each lesson is done in sections, and if you are having problems with a certain section of the lesson and want to go over just that particular part, well, it will be in the loop library. Each section of the loop library has it’s own unique title which refers back to the section of the lesson. As it may take a while for someone just starting out to get through an entire lesson, the loop library comes in real handy. More advanced players may want to use the loop library to just jam along with the band."

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