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"TMBG is a comprehensive course, ideal for the beginner and intermediate player."

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"In terms of sheer quantity of material, Teach Me Bass Guitar (TMBG) looks like it means business. The lessons are delivered by respected Nashville sideman Roy Vogt, who has worked with many top musicians, including Victor Wooten. So what you get for your hard earned wedge is a set of 20 comprehensive lessons in whatever format suits you best - DVD set, streaming, or download.


Things start out nice and easy, with an overview of the bass, its component parts, tunings, fretting hand and picking hand placement. Roy takes a look at fingerstyle playing initially, but covers slap and pick playing later on. From there the lessons progress into various aspects of theory, scales, chord progressions, time signatures, two handed tapping and beyond. There’s a lot of material to work through, and Roy explains things slowly and clearly, and of course you can skip back and forth over something until you’ve got it nailed.


The production quality of the course is exceptional, with clear video and audio. The curriculum is very thorough, and easy to watch. Roy is clearly not just a great player, but an able teacher and this makes things much less awkward than some of the tuition  you’ll find from other players.


The books are useful for reference, and contains scores of all the exercises and tunes so you can practice without the video if you want. The important stuff, the scores and the text, are cleanly presented and easy to follow. There’s a lot of material on offer here. It’s a pretty comprehensive course of lessons, and would be ideal for the beginner and intermediate player."

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