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"Teach Me Bass Guitar is, hands-down, the most comprehensive bass instructional course I have come across!"

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"A very thorough video educational course designed to teach bass guitar and music theory from the level of complete beginner, to working professional."

What You Get:
16 hours of bass and musicianship lessons from total beginner to advanced level, structured like a curriculum, taught by a professional bassist and educator. Video with a variety of angles and animated fretboard let you see and hear everything taught. 

Over 100 tracks you can play along with in a variety of styles, from loops to tracks with a live studio band.

Who It’s For:
Aspiring players (including total beginners) who want a complete training course on bass guitar and musicianship 

Bassists who want to expand on their music theory, broaden their knowledge of styles and more.

Anyone who wants a large library of play-along tracks with and without bass, exercises for technique and musical concepts they can use to practice with.

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Copyright Evan Gregor

Berklee graduate Evan Gregor reviews Roy Vogt's Teach Me Bass Guitar online bass guitar lessons

DISCLAIMER: Evan Gregor is a Teach Me Bass Guitar Affiliate and, as such, earns a percentage for each sale it generates. That said, Mr. Gregor, a graduate of Berkley School of Music, Boston,  is also a highly-respected bass educator.

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