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Affiliate Program Overview

What is an Affiliate?
Simply put, an affiliate is someone who tells someone else about a product or service and, in return, receives a commission when that recommendation leads to a sale.

In our case, we have a network of affiliates around the world, many of whom create bass-related blogs or websites with information, reviews, and articles of interest to the bass-playing community. These sites carry banners (which we provide at no charge) that are ads for TMBG.

If a visitor clicks on one of those ads, he or she is taken to this site, where, as you can see, they can learn as much about TMBG as they wish to know. Meantime, we have a little snippet of code called a cookie (guaranteed virus-free and totally harmless) that tracks that click and, if a sale results, calculates a commission which is automatically paid to the Affiliate by the 10th of the following month.

It's that simple. On this page, you will learn all you need to know to start earning as a TMBG Affiliate!

If your website or blog attracts people who may have an interest in learning bass guitar or want to sharpen their skills, then we have an excellent opportunity for you.

When you participate in our Affiliate Program we pay you for promoting Teach Me Bass Guitar. For everyone you refer who purchases TMBG, in any form, you earn 20%!


Get started today by signing up for our program. We provide you with everything you need, including:
    • Great banners, videos, and content you can post on your site to generate sales!
    • Return day cookies set at UNLIMITED, so if your referral doesn't buy right away, you'll still get credit when they return later!
    • Buyers LOVE Teach Me Bass Guitar -- our RETURN RATES are super LOW!
    • ONGOING PROMOS are released nearly every month so you can offer your audience special discounts and offers not typically promoted on the website.
    • Our dedicated Affiliate Program Manager is experienced and ready to help you maximize your commissions!

Join now and get started right away!

Your commissions are waiting!

Please contact Patrick at:
Phone:  386-693-1357

A personal note from Barbara Crossman, CFO of

The Learning Dock, LLC.

"We are so pleased that you are considering joining our Affiliate Team. Please be assured that I will be available to answer your questions during business hours, and that I will do my very best to help you make your efforts successful. You have my personal pledge that your account will be handled professionally, knowledgeably, honestly, and promptly.
"Wishing you great success!"

PLEASE NOTE: The Learning Dock, LLC strictly abides by Federal Trade Commission (FTC-U.S.) Guidelines regarding affiliate disclosure. This means that affiliates who review Teach Me Bass Guitar (TMBG) are required to state that they received a copy of TMBG from TLD for review purposes, if they did receive one. Whether or not an affiliate reviews TMBG, he/she is required to state clearly that they have a financial interest in sales of the product resulting from their links and/or  recommendations. Please refer to the FTC Guidelines to learn how to properly abide by US laws.


A sample statement might read as follows: "While (I, your website or blog name) receive a commission on any sale of TMBG that may result from your visit, this review (or recommendation) results from my personal knowledge of the product and is my honest opinion. I feel so strongly about TMBG that I am willing to back it with my name and reputation."   


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