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In this excerpt from Teach Me Bass Guitar, bass guru Roy Vogt takes you note-by-note through his original tune Weatherman. You don't have to be able to sight-read, but it helps. After your fingers are comfortable with this catchy fusion groove, you get to play along with the amazing TMBG Band of award-winning Nashville session musicians, with or without Roy! Think your up to it? If you're REALLY read to learn bass guitar, and take your place beside the best on any stage, BUY TMBG NOW!

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That mysterious musical code called The Nashville Number system is used by many of the best studio musicians in the world. What it is and how it works is explained in Lesson 19 of Roy Vogt's award-win

What if Bruce Lee had played bass?

Well, it might have sounded something like Kung Pow, Roy Vogt's original music for TMBG's Lesson 14 Play-Along. It's a knock-out!


Feb 01

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Jan 30

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