Jan 26



Back to this forum, I was hoping to find where we had forums for each lesson. That was the best feature of this forum in my opinion. Can you bring that back, restore the data from the old forum? For example, go to Lesson 5, and read about struggles and tips from other users.

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  • Line6bassman.. This might get a little getting used 2!? The new site.
  • Hey folks. Just dropping a note to say hi. Long time hobbyist guitarist, wanted to learn the bass so here I am. Looking forward to joining the community.
  • Whether you are new to Thunder Row, or are a long time member from the old site, we invite you to introduce (or re-introduce) yourself to the gang! What do you do? What bass do you play? How far are you in the lessons? What brought you to TMBG and Thunder Row? Which bass players do you admire? Tell us a little or tell us a lot. Thunder Row is your place and this is your space!