Jan 26

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With the New Year almost upon us, we're going to be re-starting a feature from the old TR site, and hopefully expanding it to include even more interesting topics!


You might remember the series, called KNOW YOUR MUSIC, where we took a specific topic within the world of music, and explored it with a little depth. Not always BASS related, KNOW YOUR MUSIC, could be anything from aspects of sight-reading to techniques for Conductors or Composers.


Stay tuned!


Also, we have some great practice material from ROY VOGT himself coming up. We hope 2019 will be a very BASSY New Year!

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  • Thunder Row, the online community for bassists, would-be bassists, and those who just love bass, is pleased to introduce the first in a series of tutorials by community members. This time out, Row member Arnold Bell takes you note-by-note through Verdine White's iconic bass line to Earth, Wind, and Fire's Shining Star . Well done, Arnold! If YOU want to post a tutorial of your favorite bass groove, we'd love it! The details are at the end of this video. Rock on! "This (TMBG) is a great learning tool. Of all the stuff I have bought over the years, this may be my best investment!" Arnold Bell
  • Guitar Tools for Changing Guitar Strings, Full Set Repair Maintenance Tech Kit with String Winder, Guitar String Cutter, Guitar String Cleaner and Bridge Pin Puller It's rarely the case when we're able to buy our favorite bass player their favorite bass. However, here's an affordable alternative that will end up being one of those microwave moments - you know, 'How did I ever do without it!' Coming in at under $20 on Amazon , it's certainly worth a look. From Amazon: All-in-one string winder and Bridge pin puller tool. Professional designed winder and a detachable head, can be installed onto power tools, make string adjustment operation quick and easy! 60 ml bottle of string cleaning polish spray. One treated cleaning cloth and nylon pocket to conveniently keep your strings and picks in. One pair of Guitar/bass string cutters designed to cut strings easily and quickly! 5 Allen keys (Great for use with Takamine, Martin, Fender, Gibson and most Asian truss rods) 1.5, 2.5, 3, 4, 5 (does not come with 2)
  • From the Archives: Our friend, Jon Liebman, at FOR BASS PLAYERS ONLY , recommends having a look at this bass player. I'm glad I always listen to Jon's advice...You will be, too! A beautiful instrument, beautifully played! Remarkable. Thanks for sharing Elmeaux and Jon! Ed. Oh My :::: I am so much in awe that a bass can be played like that, absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the link, I am saving it for more viewings. Senior Member Richard (barricwiley) Very nice! Bassix Senior Member He says in his posts that he uses D'Addario piccolo bass strings. Very light guage, which is why the bass sounds so fair and gentle Elmeaux Senior Editor It's amazing that a bass guitar is responsible for that sweet and gentle sound. Indeed, beautifully played. Greg Jewell Senior Member Wow! That just blew me away. I will definitely be checking out his debut album on iTunes. Thanks Elmeaux for posting this. Now I gotta go practice some more! jthomas Senior Member Awesome! stoif Junior Member I love this stuff. Every time I turn around, a new way to get it done! That is so mellow. I do believe that E.C WOULD BE PROUD. I LOVE IT MAN! I had to go watch that again. Maybe some day... Donnie B Member Emeritus Beautiful, just beautiful! SilverFlame46 Senior Member New, entirely wonderful tone from a bass! Very well done! Tobiasman Senior Member I've spent all weekend listening to this album. He is just remarkable. My very musical daughter guessed that he was playing a sitar...... Nice that I can still surprise her. PaulUK Senior Member