Samples of TMBG's 20 Lessons

A Hollywood set designer created Chateau Groove - replica of a 50’s-era blues club in the Louisiana bayou - as a backdrop for Teach Me Bass Guitar. In this relaxed environment, you’ll enjoy the intimacy of Roy's low-pressure, one-on-one instruction.

Take a few minutes to watch these two brief excerpts from Lessons 2 & 14, and imagine yourself with Roy at the Chateau. Pay close attention to a few of these things:

1.) The animated fret board at the bottom of the screen. This shows you, in real-time, exactly what notes are being played!

2.) The variety of camera angles used in each lesson to help strengthen your understanding of the topics being taught.

3.) On-screen graphics illustrating musical concepts.

4.) Roy's easy-to-follow and softspoken method of teaching - the product of over 30 years' as head of the Bass Department at Nashville's prestigious Belmont University - speaks to all skill levels.

5.) At no time do Roy's fingers leave his hands!

Our educational content specialists have addressed all learning styles, so you can learn bass guitar, however you learn. Everything about Teach Me Bass Guitar is geared toward making your learning experience as easy, entertaining, and effective as possible.

Lesson 2 – Warm-Up Exercises and Intro to Time Signatures and Notes

Lesson 2 is packed with tips, tricks, and tools any beginner will need in order to become a proficient bass player. This excerpt (shown about a 1/6th of actual size in these examples, by the way), gives an overview of the principles Roy presents in this Lesson.

(1/6 actual size)

Lesson 14 – Warm-Up Exercises and Introduction to Pentatonic Scales

By this time, you've mastered the preliminaries and are ready to venture into the more challenging areas - where most players fear to tread. Fear not. Roy's at the helm! This brief excerpt will give you a taste of what lies ahead.

(1/6 actual size)

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Only for the Serious!

TMBG is for serious musicians, or people who are serious about becoming musicians. We're going to be honest, if you're toying with the idea of picking up an instrument to noodle around with on the odd weekend, you might want to pick up one of those "Play Bass Guitar Like a Pro in Five Minutes" CDs at the local big box. You won't learn anything but, since you'll have to buy a bass guitar anyway, you might discover that you really like it! Then you'll be ready to really learn ... with Teach Me Bass Guitar.

But excellence isn't for the faint-hearted. Anyone who tells you it won't take work is, well ... someone who should be required to keep both hands on the table at all times. Roy will supply you with all the knowledge and technique you need to play bass guitar, but only you can provide the will to succeed, the drive to practice, and the determination to be as good as you dream of being. If you're that committed, you're in the right place!


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