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Real-Time Fretboard

First of all, don't panic! The animation is MUCH SLOWER during the tutorials!

Secondly, it really is amazing. When Roy plays a chart on the bass - as in this sample from the Play-Along section of Lesson 12 - featuring the TMBG Band with Jonell Mosser - you see the actual notes, together with their sequence - and, in the tutorial section, their letter values - displayed real-time on the graphical on-screen fretboard.

You won't believe how much easier this makes it to learn bass guitar!

Miss something? No problem, just press the "Loop" button, (the blue moon, which we call Heathcliff), and the sequence will repeat as many times as you like. This way, you can practice right along with Roy until you've got the phrase "under your fingers!"

NOTE: Do the neighbors and your family a favor and plug in the headphones -- unless, of course, you intend to drive them insane...

How We Did It

Technology is an amazing thing, and we used buckets-full in the production of Teach Me Bass Guitar's powerful bass guitar lessons; computers, hardware, software, sharewire, cameras, video processors, printers, audio equipment ... you get the idea.

So, you think putting the notes on the onscreen fretboard as Roy played them would be a piece of cake. I mean, come on ... we've put men on the moon, for pity sakes. How hard could it be?

Try impossible. Think not? Isn’t there some sort of MIDI program or device you could use to create this functionality you might ask? Unfortunately not, at least not at the time.

But we were determined to provide this valuable learning tool for our students.

So, what did we do?

We hired a thousand monkeys, strapped them to computers, and ...

Well, not really. What we did was place every single note by hand. Every stinking note! Believe me, it was the most tedious, boring, soul-sapping, nerve-eating, boring, meticulous, heart-crushing, tedious, boring ...

Well ... nothing's too good for our students! Enjoy!

(Yes, we are aware that, with a little tweaking, the technology now exists, thanks to folks like those at YouRock Guitar, and while this is all well and good for the upcoming Teach Me Lead Guitar, it's two years too late for TMBG!)


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