For Teach Me Bass Guitar Roy Vogt - an accomplished composer in his own right, with two albums of original material to his credit - has created show-stopping original music specifically to illustrate the principles, theory, and techniques he's teaching.

This is real music played by the TMBG band of exceptional Nashville studio musicians, that you will love playing along with! No more She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain. No more When the Saints Go Marchin' In or Little Brown Jug. These are real tunes that you'll be proud to master as you acquire the skills Roy teaches.

Teach Me Bass Guitar contains 37 original charts, each of which could stand on its own in any venue in the world. This is music against which you can measure your progress as you work your way through this comprehensive, effective, and entertaining course!


Lesson 2
Keep It Simple Blues
A New Key to Jammin'

Lesson 3
Rockin' Blues
Improv You Play It

Lesson 4
Mid-Neck Blues

Lesson 5
Gettin' On the Good Foot
California Groove

Lesson 6
Shufflin' Along
Don't Be-Bop

Lesson 7
The One Spot
Funky In the Phone Poles

Lesson 8
Stanley's Secret
Mountain Goat Blues

Lesson 9
Funk Patrol
Shuffle Funk

Lesson 10
Florida Groove
Popcorn Popper

Lesson 11
Austin Bound
Trouble With the Truth* Gary Nicholson- ASCAP

Lesson 12
Richest Daddy in the World* Jonell Mosser/Tom Britt-BMI
Turn Down

Lesson 13
Why Not?
Back to School

Lesson 14
Kung Pow

Lesson 15
Jet Propelled
B-3 Blues

Lesson 16
Bach-to-Bassics II
The Rhythm Gauntlet

Lesson 17
Fakin' It
Rhythm Changes

Lesson 18
Samba These Days
Ola Bajo
Riddim Riddle

Lesson 19
Both Kinds of Music
Mama's Dream* Jonell Mosser - BMI

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