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Lesson Breakdown

Each bass guitar lesson is carefully crafted to help you learn. Whatever your learning style: auditory, visual, or hands-on; whether you prefer sheet music, close-up visuals of the right and left hands, or the magic of TMBG's real-time onscreen fretboard; the accredited teaching and music professionals at The Learning Dock had you in mind when they created TMBG! Here's what you'll learn:

Lesson 1
Tuning Your Bass
Parts of the Bass
Picking Styles
Fretting Hand
A Bit About Metronomes
4x4 Exercise
Musical Alphabet
Sharps & Flats
Tricks of the Trade
Positions on the Neck
Notes Across the Neck

Lesson 2
Time Signatures
Key Signatures
Key Signatures – Flats
Key Signatures – Sharps

Lesson 3
All About Picks
All About Notes
Dotted Rhythms

Lesson 4
Upper Frets
Moveable Shapes
Natural Minor Scales
Harmonic Minor Scales
Melodic Minor Scales

Lesson 5
Seventh Chords
Mixed Rhythms
Bass & Drums

Lesson 6
Swing Time Feel
Jazz Soloing

Lesson 7
Foot Taps
The Upper Deck
(Notes from the 17th-24th fret)

Lesson 8
Hand Over Hand
Connecting the Neck
Double Stops

Lesson 9
Double Thumbing
The Pop
Left and Right Hand
Hammer On
Pull Off

Lesson 10
Upper Deck Notes
Right and Left Hand Techniques

Lesson 11
Notes in the Nosebleed Seats
Triple Stop Arpeggio Chords

Lesson 12
Swing Feel
Cycle of Fourths

Lesson 13
Diatonic Modes
Diatonic Chords

Lesson 14
Pentatonic Scales
Sliding Scale Fingerings
4-Note Sequences
F Minor Pentatonic
3-Note Sequences

Lesson 15
Two Handed Tapping

Lesson 16
Sight Reading

Lesson 17
Fakin' It

Lesson 18

Lesson 19
Nashville Number System

Lesson 20
Bass Effects
Four, Five, Six, and Seven String Basses
Caring for Your Bass


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